Mobility Scooter Safety

Mobility Scooter Safety

For many people in the greater Ipswich area, mobility equipment, wheelchairs, toilet aids and other such devices are crucial to their day to day lifestyles. At Walk on Wheels Ipswich, we are dedicated to providing the means for all members of the community to be mobile and go about their daily routines in dignity and comfort.

 We are one of only three independently owned and operated Walk on Wheels stores in Queensland. Our team can access a wide range of products from multiple suppliers across the country. To discover how we can help you or your loved one, please contact Walk on Wheels Ipswich today.

A community initiative of Walk on Wheels Ipswich

With a large percentage of our population now over 50 years of age, mobility equipment has become an important part of everyday life for many people. Retaining mobility is an integral part of living independently and mobility scooters often provide those who are older and/or less mobile with an accessible, functional and cost effective way of maintaining mobility.

We are concerned that many mobility scooter users are experiencing a number of problems relating to use, training and awareness of the legal and other rights, obligations and responsibilities of users. We feel that more can be done to inform scooter users about where and how to safely operate mobility scooters around their community, using appropriate routes and public transport where necessary. With so many transport options available, it is vital for our older and/or less mobile community members to be properly informed when it comes not only to purchasing the correct mobility scooter for their particular circumstances, but using the scooter safely and to its greatest potential by utilising designated pathways and public transport.
In response to this public need, Walk on Wheels Ipswich hosts an annual “Mobility Scooter Safety, Awareness and Education Day” in Ipswich. Along with guest speakers from QLD Transport, QLD Rail, QLD Police and the RACQ, we host a series of short yet informative seminars throughout the day and a traffic-free supervised obstacle course is available for attendees to test their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment.

In addition to this comprehensive full-day event, Walk on Wheels Ipswich is proud to be hosting a series of “Mobility Scooter Safety, Awareness and Education Seminars” at selected locations around South-East Queensland.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest to host a 1-1.5 hour interactive PowerPoint presentation on weekdays throughout the year at selected aged care, independent living and respite facilities, as well as social club meetings in and around the Greater Ipswich Region.
To register your interest in participating, please click on the following link.
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