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5 Tips to Prevent Falls in the Home

5 Tips to Prevent Falls in the Home

As seniors grow older, they become more vulnerable to falling. There are several reasons why this happens, but generally speaking it focuses on the slower reflexes and balance issues that many seniors face as they age. A fall that would normally be prevented thanks to quick reflexes, better balance, and awareness of the situation becomes less so for seniors.

In addition to a fall or trip, seniors are more likely to be injured and they are slower to recover. This makes a simple fall one with a serious result.  The key to prevention is anticipating potential issues and addressing them before a fall should happen. For seniors, this means identifying areas of the home where you walk that might be a hazard for falling and addressing it with simple, easy-to-understand methods that work, improve safety, and retain your dignity.

What follows are five simple tips that will help avoid the danger of falling using a combination of common sense while retaining easy mobility.

Use Non-Slip Absorbent Mats

Using non-slip absorbent mats means that seniors retain a solid grip to the floor while still remaining mobile. Plus, the mats stay in place, so all that is needed is the occasional cleaning. By placing such mats at the sink and tub areas, you can greatly reduce the chances of slipping and falling. 

Conni Absorbent Non Slip Floor Mat Grey

Supportive Footwear or Grip Socks

Wearing grip socks means getting a better handle on slick surfaces when seniors are not wearing shoes. Grip socks work like regular socks but have special rubber soles that provide more traction for the feet, especially when walking across smooth surfaces such as tile, wood, or similar flooring. If you are more comfortable with supportive footwear, this provides ample protection from slipping thanks to the soles of the shoes. 

Clean Up Spills

One of the easiest ways to help seniors stay upright is by cleaning up spills right after they happen. Most spills occur in the kitchen or bathroom areas, so spotting them should not be too big an issue. However, spills can happen anywhere, so you will need to be diligent in making sure the floors are clean and dry.

Use a Walking Aid

It’s understandable for carers that some seniors may not like having walking aids, such as canes or walkers around. It makes them feel like an old person in constant need of caring. The truth is that such devices help seniors immeasurably by preventing accidents before they can occur. The cane and walker not only provide an extra point of contact with the floor, they also can take away the weight from the feet to a certain degree while helps prevent slipping. 

Wear a Personal Alarm

Even the best prevention methods will not preclude a fall. So, it is best to be prepared by having seniors wear personal alarms. These are devices that alert carers or emergency services that a fall or trip has occurred, and assistance is needed. 

Whether seniors have a disability or are simply getting older, the danger of slipping and falling is a real one. You can do a lot to prevent a grandparent from a fall or trip by identifying any hazard in the home, putting non-slip mats where appropriate, and adding to their mobility by using a cane or walker. All these measures can be taken that provide safety and protect the dignity of seniors from the danger of a fall or trip that might cause serious injury.