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Diabetes and Foot Care

The effects that diabetes has on your health is considerable, especially when it comes to your feet. Without taking the proper precautions, you are putting your feet in danger when the proper care is not taken. From the choice in shoes to your diet and exercise program, you can minimize the health risk to your feet.

You do not need a specialist or expert to know what damage diabetes can do to your body. So, to take care of your feet means more than buying the proper shoes, you need to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Poor Foot Care

You will need to examine your feet regularly to see if there are any sore spots, ulcers, and breakdown in the skin. Left untreated, such issues may lead to amputation or worse such as a fatal infection. Because your circulatory system is affected by diabetes, your feet will suffer the most. This is because they are the furthest away from the heart and take the daily pounding of walking. The damage from which starts to break down the skin itself.

So, start by examining your feet and identifying any areas that need treatment. The more often you check, the earlier such issues can be identified.  

Changes in Sensation

One of the first signs that diabetes may be having an impact is the changes in sensation that your feet undergo. If you notice a definite change that is not ending, see your podiatrist. They can do an examination of your feet to see what the changes in sensation are signalling. It may be that you have to undergo new treatments or perhaps changes in your footwear. Whatever the case, do not ignore changes in sensation to your feet.

Keep Toenails Trimmed

Long, sharp toenails not only damage your socks, they also present dangers to your health. Long toenails are more subject to fungal infection due to cracking. This is because the length and weight of the nail contributes to it breaking down. By keeping your toenails short, it greatly reduces the chances of infection. Plus, it keeps your socks intact, so you buy fewer socks.


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Wash & Dry Your Feet

After stepping out of the shower or tub, be sure to fully dry your feet. This will help prevent infection, especially from fungal sources. Plus, you can take the time to inspect your feet to ensure that any issue is spotted early.

Pay Attention to Footwear Choices

You’ll want to wear shoes that fit and wear evenly when you walk. Comfort takes precedent but be careful that you leave enough room inside for your feet to breath. Extra padding is fine, but only if they do not cause pressure points which can wear on your feet.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

For seniors and those who are overweight, living with diabetes is no easy matter. But with the proper diet and exercise you can lower the danger to your feet. With proper care, the health risk can be minimized when you choose the right shoes and see a specialist when needed. You do not have to be an expert to maintain the health of your feet, but a little care can go a long way towards minimizing the danger that diabetes presents to your health.