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A Diary Page from Melly

(Full-time grandmother to 8, Great Grandmother to 1 - Ageing gracefully at home)

Dear Diary

Today I received my cordless falls monitor from the friendly team at WOW Mobility.  My children bought it online and got it sent to me like it was a gift.

I hate it, it is not because of the product itself, it is what it represents. Me - ageing.

I didn’t want it, but the kids all insisted that I get it.

You see, I fell. Not once, but four times in a matter of 12 weeks, each time I found myself with not enough muscle to get myself back up and feeling stuck and helpless. When you age naturally, it is reasonable to have lousy balance, weaker muscles and stiffer joints, which change the way we walk and move around.

Less feeling in the feet and legs with an increased likelihood of pain. Even changes to the shape and flexibility of our feet are also frequent. Even though I had fallen 4 times, I was still convinced that it was just me being clumsy and wasn’t a cause for concern.

I made excuses, oh that silly mat must have been curled up, or I got up too fast, its nothing to worry about. The family all fussed around me and made a big deal of it and forced me to see a specialist.

I couldn’t believe the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, I wasn’t shaking how could it possibly be that?

I have come to terms with the diagnosis and am medicated, which allows me to continue living in my own home.

I use my monitor every day, not just for my sake, but it gives the family peace of mind, and that keeps them off my back. I feel safer if they go out and leave me alone at home now, but don’t you dare tell them, because I like to complain about it when they are in earshot. To get your monitor click here.

I believe I am still ageing gracefully and am grateful for life.

Till next time.