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Dressing made easier

Getting dressed can be frustrating and difficult for people experiencing reduced mobility. It can become a slow process, so changes to your dressing routine can help reduce frustration. Be kind to yourself and allocate more time getting dressed and discover new clothing options and dressing aids to simplify your routine.

There are things such as magnetic buttons for shirts, elastic shoelaces and velcro for trousers. Front fastening bras can assist as well.

Simple things like putting on socks or doing up buttons that we once took for granted, can be the hardest part of your day. Dressing aids can help maintain your independence and safety while making getting dressed less stressful.



WOW Mobility supplies many aids to help you start your day with the confidence of dressing yourself. With various sock aids, you will find there is something for everyone's situation. From assisting you in bending at the waist, lifting your leg and using your hands to pull the sock over the foot, these aids are varied. 

Button hooks and zip pullers are a great tool to assist you in your dressing ritual. Helping to fasten hard to grasp buttons or pull sippers. 

Long Handled Brushes can assist those who cannot raise their arm or reach behind their head to comb their hair. Consisting of a lightweight moulded plastic handle, when not in use, the comb or brush folds back into the handle to give a pocket-sized item. 

Personal care and grooming are one of the ways we can feel good about ourselves, especially if we can do these tasks independently.