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Many patients who have utilised the services of a physiotherapist may have been exposed to TENS and EMS devices but may not be educated on the inherent difference between these types of modalities. The lack of education about EMS and TENS units and the benefits they will offer you as a professional, as well as your patients (including athletes) could be potentially limiting the performance gains and optimal outcomes that could be achieved.

Essentially, with EMS units, the Motor Nerves of efferent nerve fibres are stimulated to provide a muscular response, while with TENS units, the sensory nerve fibres (afferent nerve fibres) are stimulated to attain analgesic effects and pain relief.


Compex, a world-leading company from Switzerland, offer an exceptional range of EMS units which also provide state-of-the-art TENS functionalities. No, those are not “modern or fancy TENS units” as some people would think. In recent time, a new generation of revolutionary and unique recovery and pain-management technologies have become available for the average person to utilise. The efficacy of those modalities have international scientific consensus, supported by scientific evidence and proven results. The same evidence supports the use of EMS units for a range of purposes. Evidence suggests that Compex may be used to help return the body to its pre-exercise state by stimulating blood flow and promoting circulation in the lymphatic system. A reduction in joint damage and Central Nervous System Fatigue can also be imposed by muscular work with Compex.

Better recovery means better performance which is why Olympic Athletes, World Champions, Professional Sporting Clubs, and Sports Federations have been making use of electro-stimulators and endorsing their daily use. Electric Muscle Stimulation has lately been recognised across the globe as an essential component in the training and rehabilitation of not only sportspeople and elite athletes, but this modality’s fantastic benefits can also be experienced by the general population.