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Exercise during COVID-19

It's essential to get some exercise into your daily routine at the best of times; it is even more so crucial during home isolation. Many people are walking their dogs more, taking walks when previously they never had the time to do so.

Maintaining regular exercise during ISO will help keep a healthy immune system. Experts suggest that it helps the immune system find and deal with pathogens and slows down changes that happen to the immune system when ageing.

You don't have to leave home though to exercise. 

If you need some guidance on exercises, I have made a quick video at the following link that may assist you:

WOW Mobility stocks resistance bands which are great for exercising at home, they are convenient, practical, versatile and safe. An excellent option for people of any age or any fitness level. 

Resistance band exercises involve stepping on one end or looping it around a stationary object which opens it up to many exercise possibilities. Like weights, the bands provide resistance that your muscles have to work against, engaging them to fight the tension. Most bands are colour coded according to their tension level with it being best to purchase all three levels.

If you are unsure of which bands to get, ask the friendly staff at WOW Mobility.