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Exercises for Seniors

Everyone can benefit from exercise. As you age, however, you gradually lose muscle mass, so it is vitally important for seniors to maintain their fitness levels.

Lifting weights and resistance exercise are great ways to keep or gain muscle.

WOW Mobility sells many gadgets that can assist you with adding impact to your exercise. Ankle & wrist weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, and dumbbells, to name just a few.

We suggest that if you haven't commenced weight training then to gradually ease into lifting weights, remember pain is ok but not too much. If you are recovering or suffer from any other condition, then you should always see your doctor and ask advice before starting any new exercise regime.

Remember to always start with a 10 minute warm-up of light cardio such as walking on the spot.


Strengthening both legs and improving your balance, this move helps build strength in the hips and glutes.

1.     Stand sideways to a chair or wall for support

2.     Shift the weight into the right leg and lift the left leg out to the side, foot flexed and hips, knees and feet in alignment. The toes should be facing the front of the room.

3.     Try to lift the leg and hold your torso upright without tilting. Lift your leg around 5 to 10 cm off the ground.

4.     Lower it back down and repeat for 12 reps on each leg.

Add weights or resistance once you have mastered the above. Use a resistance band around the ankles or light ankle weights for more intensity.


By strengthening the lat muscles on either side of the back, this exercise helps with movements like picking things up or opening doors. 

1.     Stand or sit holding a resistance band in both hands up over your head.

2.     Your hands should be wider than shoulder-width so that there is tension on the band. Adjusting your hands to change the tension.

3.     Make sure your back is flat, and your abs are engaged.

4.     Keep the left hand in place and contract the muscles on the right side of your back to pull the elbow down towards the rib cage.

5.     Press back up and repeat for 12 reps on the right side.

6.     Switch sides and do 12 reps on the left side.


This move works the back of the legs, muscles that also support the knees. You can also use ankle weights instead of a resistance band.

1.     Stand in front of a chair and hold onto it for balance if you need to.

2.     Loop a resistance band around your ankles, keeping it looped under the standing foot.