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Injuries during the school holidays

It is holiday time, the time when children get bored and start to create their fun. You cant childproof your home, yard, or your even your child and let's face it, accidents happen.

At WOW Mobility, we supply many items useful for these injuries. Including, the hiring out of things such as crutches, knee scooters and wheelchairs - to help make your life, and their healing, a little easier both financially and physically.

Remember growing up if we had a broken leg or arm, and had to jump into the shower we would have a garbage bag wrapped tightly around our injury with tape tight enough to cut off our circulation? WOW Mobility, stocks LimbO and ArmRx limb protectors which are safer than the old plastic bag trick. Designed to protect plaster casts and wound dressings from getting wet during bathing, they can also apply for swimming or hydrotherapy.

The thought of having an energetic child with a broken leg to be immobilised for six weeks during school holidays is perhaps a parent's worst nightmare. Luckily, WOW Mobility has a great selection to help you, such as a knee scooter. Compared to crutches, these are a breeze to use, which makes this device an excellent option for Mobility.