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Keep your circulation while working from home

Are you working from home? Is this something new due to the new measures placed around isolation? Many of us are not as active as we have previously been - no more walks to the bosses office, that mad dash to grab a coffee or just that walk from the car to the workplace. It is so tempting to stay in bed and work in your pyjamas.

While not being as active, you should be promoting necessary circulation to ensure you don't stiffen up. Flexing and rotating your ankles and lower legs while sitting down will assist in improving your circulation.

The most common symptoms of poor circulation include tingling, throbbing or stinging pain in your limbs, numbness or muscle cramps.

While it is recommended that you should discuss possible symptoms of poor circulation with your doctor, some products can assist with poor circulation.

WOW Mobility stocks many products to help, including Circulation Boosters which use electrical muscle stimulation, designed to improve blood flow in the legs and feet. Compression socks and stockings can apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles, promoting circulation.

Another item available at WOW Mobility that may assist you during your time working from home is one of our exercise balls. Sitting on an exercise ball rather than a chair requires you to increase the use of muscles to balance and creates better circulation in your spine.