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Mobility in summer

Summer is when we enjoy going out, enjoy a picnic or barbecue with the family or go out to the markets. Taking a look at spectacular gardens or heading out to get some fresh air and enjoy the warmth from the sun. 

WOW Mobility, is more than prepared and can supply various summer accessories for scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs and walkers. 

We supply multiple sun canopies for your scooter, including a combo pack with matching bag. The sun canopy comes in different sizes and materials and is a must to protect you from the summer sun. We also furnish handy carry bags that attach effortlessly and a water bottle holder in a convenient position for easy access. 

For wheelchairs, there are bags to go under, or kits to go behind, contour padded overlays to make long days comfortable and great cup holders.

When it comes to tyres, you really cannot go past puncture-proof tyres. With extended wear and comfortable ride quality, there is no need to check the tyre pressure and no risk of being caught out in the heat with a flat. As you would know, scooters and wheelchairs are more likely to have a flat tyre due to the surfaces you ride over, with edges of footpaths, and the side of the road where all types of debris collect.   

Because you are bound to get an invite to something throughout Summer, make sure your equipment is in tip-top condition - wheelie walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs. Nothing worse than getting ready to head out, only to find you have a flat battery, flat tyre, or something else that stops you from getting out. Give the team at WOW a call to organise a service now.