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Moon boot tips and tricks

Some of us go through life without having any broken bones or sprained limbs, and then others experience a nasty fall or accident that changes that. The truth of the matter is that it can happen to any of us, and there is nothing we can do to prepare for it. 

So, when medical professionals tell you that you need to wear a walker moon boot, it can be a little daunting to know what to do. At WOW! Mobility & Rehab, the friendly staff are experienced in helping find the right fit and support.

The boot helps to immobilise the affected leg to assist with healing of fractures, tendon or ligament tears, severe sprains.

We have put together a couple of tips below, to help you get through some of the struggles that people experience whilst wearing a moon boot.

  • A crutch or walking stick on the opposite side of your body can assist you with your balance.
  • Try not to overdo it and rest up, perhaps get a friend or family member to drop into the library for you to grab that book that you never had time to read before. Just because the boot makes you able to walk does not mean you need to be on your feet all of the time. Rest does help the healing process.
  • Sometimes the boot will cause you to walk with your feet turning, try to keep your feet straight when walking. When you elevate your legs, try not to let your feet roll outwards. When sleeping, surrounding the injured foot with pillows will help stop your foot from moving outwards.
  • Compression socks can help reduce swelling, but this is usually used later during the healing process when you're not as likely to do yourself further injury trying to put them on.