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Preventing falls in the home

As we grow older, we, unfortunately, become more vulnerable to falling. A fall that would previously have been prevented thanks to quick reflexes, better balance and awareness of the situation becomes less as we get older. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn't stop there, as we age, we are more likely to be injured and are slower to recover.

The key to prevention is anticipating potential issues and addressing them before a fall should happen. Therefore, it is smart to identify areas of the home where you walk that might be a hazard for falling and managing it. 

Using non-slip absorbent mats means that they stay in place and absorb any spills. By placing these mats in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas assist in significantly reducing the chances of slipping and falling. 

Wearing non-slip grip socks means getting a better handle on smooth surfaces when not wearing shoes. Grip socks work like regular socks but have soles that provide more traction for the feet, especially when walking across smooth surfaces such as tile, wood, or similar flooring. 

The second most common place for falls is in the bedroom, with most of those falls occurring while sleeping. A bed rail can help to prevent these falls, offering security whilst in bed. With a variety of bed rails available, there is a solution for every style of bed or level of stability needed.

Even the best prevention methods will not preclude a fall. So, it is best to wear a personal alarm for anyone who has previously taken a fall or suffering from faint spells. These are devices that alert carers or emergency services that a fall or trip has occurred, and assistance is needed. 

The team at WOW! Mobility & Rehab have the experience to assist you in finding the most up to date falls prevention products.