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Things you should know about wearing a mask

There has been a lot of talk around face masks and whether they help contain the spread of a virus. 

Studies suggest that aerosols and droplets generate during speaking and are responsible for a person to person transmission of viruses, while large droplets fall quickly to the ground, small droplets can behave like an aerosol and spread further.

Residents in hot spot areas are required to wear masks when out in the community; in other locations, it is a personal choice at this stage. If you are feeling ill, and must leave your home, a mask is likely to reduce the spreading of your illness.

WOW Mobility & Rehab currently stocks surgical masks with customers finding them light and comfortable to wear.

Be mindful when looking for a mask, that any mask that covers the nose and mouth will be beneficial. However, masks used in construction with valves do not protect others, with the opening of the valve when you breathe out, allowing particles to exit.

An effective mask does not require to be uncomfortably tight, but you do need to make sure there are no significant gaps between your face and the mask, small gaps are typical, but the fewer and smaller there are, the better. The chin does not need to be covered, but a good seal occurs if the jaw supports the mask.

Always wash your hands before touching your mask and try not to adjust your face mask while out. 

When not using your mask, do not place it on your neck or forehead, as this poses a risk for contamination. When removing the mask at the end of the day; sanitise your hands before and after. Always dispose of the mask into a bin.

Even though you have the protection of the mask, always remember social distancing, washing your hands, and stay safe.