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ArmRx Arm Glove Full Length 10 pack

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ArmRx Waterproof Limb Protection

Proven confident, reliable, reusable protection from water and/or moisture penetration

Enables & improves personal hygiene increasing the patient’s sense of wellbeing

Facilitates personal independence and preserves the privacy of personal care

Reduces expense and inconvenience of replacing damaged dressings or casts

Controls the risks associated with the wetting of wounds, lacerations or skin conditions

Allows normal non-restricted limb mobility during use

Enables therapeutic effects of bathing

Convenient, easy to use, light and non-bulky

Portable, easy to store and easy to dispose of

Economical, inexpensive and affordable

Environmentally friendly - ArmRx can be recycled or disposed of with normal waste




ARM glove 51cm diameter (opening) ARM glove fit 13-49cm circumference limb ARM length 70cm

Price: $25.00
Stock Code: 121217

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