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Guardsman Fabric Lounge Care Kit - 5 Year WNTY

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1 Seat Multi-Stain Remover With 5 Year Product Warranty Includes: - 1x Fabric Portector Aerosol 312g - 1x Fabirc Cleaner Level 1 250ml - 1x Fabric Cleaner Level 2 125ml - Application Cloth - Warranty Book

A multi-stain spot cleaner that eliminates many common household stains from furniture, automotive fabric upholstery and carpets.


Food, Beverage, Cooking oil Grease, Motor Oil, Tar Permanent Marker, Lipstick, Nail Polish Marks Human and Pet Bodily Fluids

*May not remove artificial red dyes from some fabrics.

Product Description

A first line of defence on lighter stains, helps remove everyday stains and spills.

Safe for use on most household and automotive fabrics (furniture, mattresses, carpets, drapes, etc.) without fading or discolouration when used as directed.


Do not use on silk.

Price: $100.00
Stock Code: GF3008

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