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Falls Prevention

Cura1 2663 Cordless Floor Mat IncludingTransmitter

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Size 1220 x 610mm

Simple operation and maintenance

Affordable price

Easy to clean

For use with Cordless Falls Monitors


Virtually no false alarms over the lifetime of the pad

Made from heavy duty non-slip material

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1220 x 610mm

Surface material foam PU (Polyurethane)

Bottom material PVC without Phthalate

Includes 2719 Transmitter

Operates on 433Mhz

50m Range (subject to environmental conditions)

1 Year life expectancy


Recommended weight range for reliable operation: 30kg to 200kg



2556 Desktop Care Station 2600 30 Channel Display Panel 2586 Hallway Alarm


Price: $750.00
Stock Code: CUR-2663

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