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Patient Transfer Aids

Shower Belt Standard Beige Vinyl

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1.9m length

The Shower Belt is designed to help position someone on a shower commode.

There are two versions available:  Standard Beige Vinyl – This is a reinforced plastic material sewn around a soft foam padding.

White Nylon – This is a breathable nylon material sewn around a foam padding.  This is to allow any seepage of moisture to fully dry. it is particularly suitable in humid tropical climates.


About the Shower Belt

The belt can be wiped dry between patients.

The Shower Belt and Shoulder Straps provide extra help to nursing staff when patients are slippery and wet whilst being washed. Staff should be available at all times to monitor their use.

The Shower Belt is used on commode chairs, mainly when showering. Place the belt centrally behind the chair and wrap both ends around the frame at the pelvic position on both sides of the chair. The Hook & Loop Tape sections can then be fastened together across the patient’s lap.


If the patient is liable to open the Hook & Loop Tape, use the belt in the opposite way, with the belt across the patient’s lap.Then wrap around the frame at the pelvic position and fasten the Hook & Loop Tape together behind the chair.

Price: $85.00
Stock Code: 430

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