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Trigger Point Massage Therapy Roller Kit

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Get Trigger Point Therapy at your fingertips with the Massage Therapy Roller Kit .

We believe in the power of self-massage or trigger point therapy and offer some of the best-selling massage products into an innovative new kit.

Lightweight and portable, the multi textured roller therapy kit is the perfect addition to your gym bag.

With the Massage Therapy Roller Kit, you can have trigger point therapy at your fingertips in the gym, class, home or on the move.

Why Choose the Massage Therapy Roller Kit?

Manufactured to a high standard the Massage Therapy Roller Kit is a unique collection of versatile, easy-to-use products which have been designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind.

The Massage Therapy Roller Kit gives you the opportunity to experience the benefits of the increasingly popular technique of trigger point therapy first hand.

Use the dual-textured roller to target trigger points and roll pain away. The pyramid shaped nodules reach specific painful areas to help relieve muscular aches and discomfort and alleviate pressure thus reducing tension and fatigue. The roller can also be used as storage putting the kit’s other components inside.

The acupressure trigger point balls (one soft one firm) are designed to gently massage muscles, stimulate circulation and relieve tension. Ideal for calves, upper and lower back, shoulders and neck.

Also included is our handy mini roller, the perfect tool for alleviating pain and soreness in feet and forearms.

Further information, instructional graphics to on how to use the Roller Kit and additional in-depth videos are available online.


The Massage Therapy Roller Kit is a complete full body kit including all you need for effective trigger point therapy.

Comprises the  best-selling multi-textured roller, two acupressure massage balls and a handy mini roller.

Widely recommended for Self Myofascial Release (SMR) also known as trigger point therapy or self-massage.

Ideal for use both pre and post workout. Suitable for beginner to advanced levels of fitness, yoga and Pilates.

Lightweight and portable, perfect for your gym bag, at home or away.


Specifications Colour: Various Contents: 1 x Trigger Point Massage Multi-textured Roller (13.5cm x 30cm) 2 x Acupressure Balls (1x soft 1x firm) Packed Weight: 1.12kg

Price: $80.00
Stock Code: BP-601.3PF8

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