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Bedding and Accessories

Wondersheets Fitted / Wondersheet Long Single Fitted

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The 'Wonder Sheet' creatively combines a 'satin' panel and 'polyester/cotton' 50/50 blend sheeting at the ends.

The 'Wonder Sheet' fitted sheet is an effective therapeutic tool because it can make bed mobility easier. The satin panel, which is 90cm long, sits under your hips and bottom area, allowing you to slide your bottom instead of lifting which can make the process of turning over so much easier, particularly with swinging your legs in and out of bed.  

Please Note: The depths are cut at 45 cm which is suitable for mattresses up to 39 cm deep. They so still have Single sizes that have a 35cm depth. We will send these before the 45cm depth unless specified in the 'notes'.

All our the King sizes have 35cm depths NOT 45cm.

Standard Sizes Skinny Single:  76 x 203cm Single: 91 x 193cm Long Single: 91 x 203cm King Single: 107 x 203cm Double: 135 x 193cm Long Double: 135 x 203cm Queen: 152 x 203cm King: 180 x 203cm The 35cm ‘depths/walls’ are suitable for mattress up to 28cm, even 30cm is fine if there is one person in the bed. The 45cm ‘depths/walls’ are suitable for mattresses between 30cm and 39cm deep. It is better to NOT have too much under tuck with a Wonder Sheet! Between 8cm - 12cm is a good amount.


Price: $95.00
Stock Code: WSLS35

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