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Extended Leg Board

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The Extended Leg Board is designed to support an extended leg and is normally used in a wheelchair. The Board can be used for either the left or right leg. They are made out of plastic material to help Infection Control requirements. The webbing straps can be removed for washing or replacing if necessary.


To Fit to Wheelchair

Place the Extended Leg Board on the Chair. Make sure the Extended Leg section will be on the left or right side as required. Then do up the red 25mm / 1″ straps at the rear chair frame, wrapping it around the frame so the strap will not slip up. Also see the Extended Leg Board Cushion (sold separately) which offers protection under the leg and heel.

There are another two slots at the front of the sitting section. These are only used if they are needed on a wheelchair when the rear straps do not keep the board in place. These may be needed to restrain the patient’s thighs. If they are needed, another set of red straps will need to be purchased by contacting WOW! Mobility . Once the patient is sitting down with their leg on the extended section, the bright orange webbing can be done up to keep the leg in position.

Price: $290.00
Stock Code: 529

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