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The Occlusion Cuff Elite

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The Occlusion Cuff Elite® is a brand new training product. It allows you to have the benefits of training at 70% of your maximum with loads as low as 20-30% of your maximum.

The Occlusion Cuff® increases muscle strength, muscle size, and muscle endurance with even low loads. This makes it ideal for rehabilitation, performance, and everyday training.

Safety instructions and training advice are provided with every set of The Occlusion Cuff®.

Each set contains:

2x Occlusion Cuff Elite 1x Manual Pump 1x Sphygmomanometer 2x Quick Release Valve 2x Tubing 1x Instructions Cuff Dimensions: 85 x 7cm + 35cm extension

Price: $250.00
Stock Code: 99963

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