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Savanah Bath Board Slatted


ArmRx Arm Extra Large Single Arm Glove


ArmRx Single Arm Glove Full Length


ArmRx Leg Glove Full Length 4 pack


Medina Bath Board 4 Slat


Freedom Bath Board with Handle


Carequip Bath Mat with Suction Caps


Bath Sponge 20"


Bath Step - Stackable


HBA426 Freedom Bath Transfer Bench Full Lenght Seating - 160kg


Freedom HBA425 Swivel Bath Transfer Bench


Aluminium Bath Transfer Bench with Back


BetterLiving Adjustable Bath Board


Homecraft Grab Rail Suction 500mm Length


TransAqua Mobile Shower Commode Self Propelled Stainless-Steel


Myco Swivel Bath Seat


Milton Aluminium Shower Chair


Freedom Aluminium Shower Chair


Carequip Shower Mat with Suction Caps


Solo Compact Wall-Mounted Shower Stool


Shower Stool BL Cutout Aluminium


Freedom Aluminium Shower Stool


Shower Stool Strood Aluminium


Aluminium Shower Stool with Moulded Plastic Seat


Pquip Bath Board - 70cm


Heavy Duty Aluminium Bath Transfer Bench - 200kg


Pquip Bath Seat without Back


Swivel Bath Seat – Myco


19663OD Juvo 51cm Deluxe Padded Open Front Seat


Aidapt Bottom Wiper


Kcare Tilting Shower Commode


RM424 Bath Transfer Bench Heavy Duty


Aidacare Aspire Shower Stool


Pquip Heavy Duty Aluminium Shower Chair


Redgum Space Saver Shower Chair


Days Corner Shower Stool


Aquatec Ocean Ergo Commode 150kg


Aspire shower stool with padded seat & back


Innova -Aid Bariatric Bath Transfer Bench SWL 280kg


Aspire 440mm Aluminium Shower Commode


Standard Transfer Bath Bench


Aidacare Swivel shower chair


Heavy Duty Foldable Aluminium Shower Chair


RM Aluminium Shower Stool


Innova-Aid BA403 Aluminum Shower Stool - Wider Arms


Homecraft Standard Steel Shower Chair


Freedom HBA370 Split Seat 3 in 1 Commode Combo


Homecraft Standard Steel Shower Stool


Heavy Duty Aluminium Padded Bath Transfer Bench


Pquip Aluminium Round Bath Stool - No Arms


Red Gum Aluminium Shower Chair


Days Aluminium Folding Shower Chair


Solo Standard Wall -Mounted Shower Chair


Redgum Suction Cup Grab Rail 400mm


Aspire Mobile Commode SP Weight baring platform 460mm (seat not included)


Pquip Aluminium Bath Seat with Back & Arms


Deluxe Attendant Propelled Height Adjustable Shower Commode


RM Aidapt Bath Sponge


Days Aluminium Shower Stool with Arms


Deluxe Self Propelled Height Adjustable Shower Commode


Juvo Mobilie Shower Commode 51cm Att Prop S/away footplate - Seat Sold Separately


Innova-Aid Shower Chair - SWL 130kg


Freedom HBA370 Split Seat 3 in 1 Commode - Back sold separately


Solo Standard Wall-Mounted Padded Shower Chair


Shower Stool with Arms - Treated Steel


Pquip Heavy Duty Shower Stool with Arms


Carequip Healthweigh Chair Scales


Aquatec Bath Lift - Orca Bath Seat Lifter


Redgum Space Saver Shower Stool with Handles


Aquatec Ocean VIP Shower Commode with Tilt


Homecraft Aluminium Shower Stool Padded Seat


Drive Aston Transit Mobile Shower Commode


Freedom HBA406 Oval Toilet Aid 46cm seat - 200kg


Invacare Handheld Shower Handle 7 Foot Hose


Homecraft Aluminium Shower Chair


Savanah Modular Bath Step


Innova-Aid BA402 Aluminum Shower Chair - Wide Arms


Pquip Shower Chair


Innova-Aid Combination Over Toilet Aid / Shower Chair 49cm seat width SWL 227kg - No backrest


RM402 Aluminium Shower Chair - 160kg


Replacement Pan Carrier for Days Atlantic Wave Mobile Commode


Aspire Tilt & Recline Shower Commode 460mm


ETAC Fresh Bath Board with Handle 150kg 69cm


Solo Standard Wall-Mounted Padded Shower Seat


Carequip Aluminium Shower Stool with Arms


Aspire Mobile Commode Transit 460mm (seat not included)


Redgum Space Saver Corner Shower Stool


PQuip Aluminium Shower Stool


Myco Swivel Bath Chair Ultra


Innova-Aid Shower Stool - SWL 130kg


Royale Potable Shower Tray 110 x 110cm


Redgum Aluminium Heavy Duty Shower Chair - 159kg